葛西 由香


I believe that the things we should value the most in life are hidden within little everyday details, the ones that we barely pay attention to.
The act of living our lives is an accumulation of our days. To seize all those inconsequential moments that take place every day, as much as possible, without letting them get away, is my own way of living sincerity. My method of capturing the results of that is, at the moment, to paint pictures.
The paints that I use are in the form of powdered rock and earth. These are materials that I have taken interest in since my childhood, often playing with stones and the soil. In this way, the origin of my art creation lies in my childhood play. I feel an affinity with Nihonga, which uses these familiar materials as its paints.

Various forms of aesthetic sensibility have been treasured in Japan since antiquity, and the Japanese people have found beauty in every kind of scenery for many centuries.
We have found beauty in simplicity, and in imperfection. We have the concept of wabi sabi, which is accepting of decay and decline. We have mono no aware, which embraces the sadness and beauty in the truth that all things change, and will one day cease to exist. The beauty, the wonder, and the fascination that can be felt in an everyday scene was described as wokashi.
I cherish these aesthetic sensibilities. The specifically Japanese mentality that has taken root inside me is the central axis of my creative activities. And those many moments that I find interesting, including the appearance of everyday items around me that catch my fleeting attention, or the commonplace scenery of my daily life, occur in single scenes of a lifestyle that is quite unremarkable.

I believe that all things that exist in this world have a spirit, and all are equal.
With this mindset, one’s surroundings overflow with a sense of presence. Even each of the items that sit silently on one’s desktop become precious and beloved. The moments when I wonder how the multitude of presences that surround me spend their days are moments that I treasure.


Yuka Kasai